You have seen the animals. Now, you can take them home with you too! Who could resist the companionship of giant pandas, treasured white tigers, lovely koalas, African giraffes or clumsy elephants? For animal lovers, we have stocked up a wide range of cute and realistic animal gifts. They are your best choice as souvenirs or gifts.

We carry an assortment of merchandises including animal soft toys, imitation animal toys, animal costumes & accessories, stationery and books. Come visit us now and we are sure you will return home with an unexpected find!


Giant Panda Triplets

To celebrate the birth of the world’s only giant panda triplets in Chimelong, we have specially-designed a series of exclusive gifts. You can share the joy and give your blessings for the healthy growth of the “Panda Triplets”.

Little White Tiger

Chimelong Safari Park’s animal toy, the “Little White Tiger”, is also one of the top ten souvenirs in Guangzhou. A series of products modelled on the park’s treasured white tiger has been developed. These include white tiger claws, white tiger hats, tiger scarves, and tiger figurines.

More Shops

Shops within the parks generally feature animals as their themes, but they also carry their own distinctive merchandises. These include the Panda Shop which boasts a “panda house” and the Golden Tiger Shop where golden tigers, snow tigers and white tigers congregate. There are also other theme shops such as the Koala Shop, the Elephant Shop and the Dinosaur Shop.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Restaurants of various sizes featuring different themes, offerings as well as food streets can be found in various locations within the park.

Green Dragon Restaurant

Green Dragon Restaurant

You will find specialty snacks such as the aromatic Korean pancake, scallion pancake, as well as tasty barbecue including beef ribs, Angus beef, prawns, short ribs, lamb shank and chicken drumsticks.

Koala Eatery

Koala Eatery

The Koala Eatery offers a rich selection of à la carte dishes on its menu. The eight super value sets include the Sichuan grilled chicken, Black pepper steak, Black pepper ribs, Pork chop in tomato sauce, Spicy pork ribs, Braised trotter and Chicken nibble rice. Apart from set menus, the restaurant also serves other exquisite and authentic set dishes such as the hamburger set, dumpling set and specialty desserts. You will surely find something to eat here.

Panda Restaurant

Panda Restaurant

The restaurant mainly offers round-table meals with a wide selection of cuisines. Through full-length glass windows, guests can get a panoramic view of the park; you might even get to dine with giant pandas right beside you.
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