Hengqin Theatre
Hengqin Theatre is the second circus arena in Chimelong Hengqin. It is located across the river overlooking the current circus arena and is connected to the exotic pedestrian street by the riverside. It is centrally positioned among the three theme hotels located in Zhuhai Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort and is connected by exclusive pedestrian landscape walkways to Hengqin Bay Hotel, Circus Hotel, and Penguin Hotel.The clever geographical co-location of the hotels and Ocean Kingdom with two arenas creates a huge ‘circus square’ culminating in the effect of an international circus town.
The first circus arena with marine theme, it is also the first circus arena ring that can be dismantled and relocated. Occupying an area of 28,000m2 with a built-up area of 15,000m2 that accommodates nearly 5,000 seats, Hengqin Theatre can accommodate more spectators and has a larger performance area. The design of the circus arena echoes the marine-themed circus shows. An innovative blue membrane structure lines the external façade of the circus. It is complemented by ocean-blue colour theme in its interior. This marine theme is so engrossing that even the stage design is abstractly ocean-styled. Tens of thousands of custom-made crystal diamonds line the arena to create the most dazzling stage effect.


This is a mysterious place, a fantasy land, a world full of magnificently wonderful experience. The mysterious world is opening its doors, slowly and gradually…
In this mysterious world, the atmosphere is filled with freedom and pride of glory as valiant horses gallop freely like shining meteors, depicting a thrilling yet romantic story – a story filled with the truth of love and courage. It is a never-ending journey into the mysterious, a never-ending exploration of new fantasies. Such wonders are waiting to be unveiled slowly by curious, courageous and passionate explorers.
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