Are the tickets all-inclusive? Is there anything else in the park that is chargeable?

The ticket is valid for all rides. No payment is required for individual rides. However, payment must be made for meals, rentals, and purchases from shops at the park.

What is a Package? How to purchase a Package?

A Package comprises of a combination of two theme parks. You can purchase a Package directly at the ticket offices of the respective theme parks or book and pay for a Package online at Chimelong’s official website.

Things to note when using a Package

For Packages involving two theme parks, the visitor may visit two theme parks on two consecutive days, starting on the first day of ticket validity. Each theme park can only be visited once. On the first day of ticket validity when the visitor enters the first theme park, his/her fingerprint will be captured. Thereafter, he/she may enter the second theme park based on his/her fingerprint and ticket.

Planning a Visit


Modes of Transportation

You may take subway Line 2 to Huijiang station and take Exit C. Then take shuttle bus directly to the Birds Park.

You may also take subway Line 3 to Chimelong scenic area and then take the special bus departing from South Gate of Chimelong Safari Park to the Birds Park.

More modes of transportation>>

Preparation for Visit

As the Birds Park is a wetland ecosystem, mosquitoes and bugs are inevitable. You may wish to bring some insect repellent.

Weather Condition


If it rains, can we still visit the park? Which facility will be closed?

Generally, light drizzles will not affect park operation. However, bad weather like heavy rain or thunderstorms may cause some outdoor shows to be suspended. They will resume after the weather improves and after the facilities passed a safety inspection.

Precautions While in the Park


Can food be brought into the park? Does the park have restaurants?

Food and beverages cannot be brought into the park. The park has various theme restaurants and food kiosks. The park conducts safety checks at the entrance to prohibit entry of foods, combustible items and liquids.

Park Itinerary


Does the park have luggage storage service?

Luggage storage service (which is chargeable) is available at the Visitor Centre of the Park.

Charge for luggage storage:
Small luggage: RMB 20 /day
Large luggage: RMB 30 /day
(Note: Valuables, food and prohibited items will not be accepted for storage)

More Services:

Charge for infant stroller:
Deposit of RMB 200, rental of RMB 70 /day.
(Note: For use only within the park)

Charge for wheelchair:
Deposit of RMB 200, rental of RMB 50 /day.
(Note: For use only within the park)
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