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Crocodile Show

The Crocodile Show

The main characters of the Crocodile Show are 30 untrained Thailand estuarine crocodiles and two Thai crocodile tamers with 12 years of experience in crocodile shows. Thrilling and exciting, this is the premier animal show in China in terms of technical difficulty and viewership. It is the only park to see crocodile shows in China.

The legendary “Crocodile Kiss” and “Digging from the Crocodile Mouth” shows are performed by the star tamer and his “female companion” crocodile named Ruila. Ruila has not eaten for days prior to performing the show. Its gaping mouth lined with white teeth can devour several live chickens at one go. Yet, under the prompting of the crocodile tamer, the huge crocodile will show its gentle side and open its mouth slowly. In the nick of time, the tamer would snatch the objects from its opened mouth.

Croco Island

Waterfowl Show

Waterfowl Show

Visitors will enjoy the graceful red flamingo dance while flocks of egrets make their entrance to the accompaniment of lively music followed by the elegant red-crowned crane and towering crown crane. What is a waterfowl show without the carnivorous Marabou Stork? Flocks of Marabou Stork flying down from a magnificent height onto the stage make a spectacular sight. How can the swans miss such a grand show? So you will see big swans, little swans, black-necked swans and black swans swimming leisurely and peacefully on the lake.

This is the first large-scale ornithological show in the country that demonstrates the natural beauty of animals with fitting music and commentaries. In addition to experiencing the exciting animal show, visitors will also learn scientific knowledge about them. This is very beneficial for children to develop the concept of environmental protection and love for animals.
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