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Chimelong International Circus is located in Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort, an “AAAAA” grade scenic resort. It boasts the world’s first real-live circus arena. Tens of millions had been invested to create the most extravagant and sophisticated stage works, and hundreds of millions invested to construct the world’s biggest circus arena that can accommodate nearly 8,000 spectators. The world’s best stage and theme shows would be nothing without international performance troupes. It boasts more than 300 elite circus performers from over 20 countries, and almost 40 species – totalling more than 500 exotic animals also perform alongside them on stage.

Chimelong International Circus – 17 years and 5 generations

Chimelong International Circus continuously explores more space and possibility for circus performance arts. It started with a medley of world circus shows in 2000. This was followed by a semi-thematic Star Night Circus named “Apocalypse” directed by famous Hollywood director Doriana Sanchez; the world’s biggest themed circus named “Jurassic Moon” created by the world circus titan, Zhabasinei(Sabass) in 2005; the world’s biggest storyline circus named “The Forest Code” in 2006; the world’s first large-scale dramatized circus named “Magic Legend” in 2006; and finally an even more amazing and legendary “Magic Legend II” in 2011.

A more amazing, more legendary and an epic magical circus – “Magic Legend II”

“Magic Legend II” retains the former’s fantasy and charming style, and further introduces four of the world’s top circus programmes from Europe, America and Africa. It also created a better fusion of traditional acrobatics and aesthetic modern arts to present an integrated show that is aesthetic, romantic, thrilling, stimulating, fun, hilarious, awe-inspiring and mystical.

The “Magical phenomenon” from Africa deploys world top interactive magic tricks while interjecting some comedy elements. Splicing acrobatic skills cleverly with spatial layering enriches fun and interactivity in the show.

The “Globe of Speed” from America, that made its debut in China, is the most thrilling. Nine American warriors in their bikes perform high-speed chase within a globe suspended in the air.

The “Wonderful Wizards” from Europe bring you graceful aerial ballet dance. 16 highly-skilled performers constantly and gracefully vary their ballet movements to create elegant ballet formations, while the colourful spectacle attracts giraffes, zebras, antelopes and camels foraging for foods in the forest.
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