Are there tickets for the circus? /Must I book the tickets?

To purchase tickets for Chimelong International Circus, please book and pay online at Chimelong’s official website. You may also purchase tickets after 12.30pm at the ticket office on the day of the circus performance.

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Seat selection

What makes a good seat? Of course, VIP seats are the best seats. However, what are the best non-VIP seats?

Seats near the central VIP section. If you can’t get a VIP seat, the best alternative is to get a seat nearest to the VIP section. The nearer it is, the better. This is because the stage performers usually face the VIP section – the centre section of the theatre seating area.

Sitting higher up is better than sitting at the sides. You will only get partial view from the sides; you can’t get a full view of the performances and you see mostly the back of the performers. If you sit higher up at the centre section, you can still get a full view of the performance although you are further away from the stage, and you do not have to lift or strain your neck while watching aerial performances.

The elderly and children should be seated further away from the stage as they might be frightened by blasting pyrotechnics or other special effects. Babies in arms should be seated even further away from the stage as some babies are unable to withstand the intensive audio and lighting effects. We often see parents with babies walking out of the circus during the performance; sitting too close to the stage makes it a little inconvenient for parents.



Safety Precautions

As the stage is sunken below the ground level with steep sloping steps to accommodate 8,000 spectators, please take special care of the elderly and children when entering the circus. If an entrance is particularly crowded, you should proceed to another entrance. In this way, mishaps can be prevented. During the performances, clowns may interact directly with some spectators. That is why some passageways are blocked from access. If you really need to pass through such passageways, please stoop down and bend your body so that you do not affect the view of other spectators. You should remain still if there are performers within the same passageway. Let the performers complete their performance before you return to your seat.

For the safety of the performers, please do not use flash

This advice is often ignored by spectators. Performers are putting their lives at risk when they perform those dangerous moves; wilful violation of this regulation against the use of flash amounts to “murder”. Should the performer slip and fall, the psychological trauma he or she sustained can be far more damaging than the physical injury. He/she may not be able to return to the stage for the rest of his/her life. As such, we should respect and protect them.

Leave the theatre in an orderly manner

When there is an additional show on Saturday, the theatre has to clear the spectators of the previous show within 30 minutes so that the crew and cleaners can prepare the theatre and allow timely admission of spectators for the next show. Hence, spectators should follow the directions of the crew to leave the circus in an orderly manner to prevent confusion with spectators of the next show.

Can food be brought into the circus? Does the park have restaurants?

Food and beverages cannot be brought into the park. The park has various theme restaurants and food kiosks. The park conducts safety checks at the entrance to prohibit entry of foods, combustible items and liquids.
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