Panda Animatronic Fantasy Show
Created by a famous Taiwanese team and played at the Panda All Day Ding Restaurant, this Panda Animatronic Fantasy Show, ‘Panda Family’s Fantasy’, tells funny stories happening to Mengmeng, Shuaishuai, Kuku and their friends, the characters from the original cartoon. It also personifies furniture articles to animate the space, delivering surprises for both the grownups and the little ones. When the music sounds and the faces of the animals lighten up, you are placed in a fairy kingdom, ready to take the teapot-shaped train and begin a wonderful journey. Interactive devices are installed for audiences to better experience the plots. Consisting of five skits, the 20-minute-long drama will be shown on a daily basis at the Panda All Day Dinging Restaurant, accompanying your gastronomic delights.
Animal Exhibition Areas
As a theme hotel by Chimelong Group, the Chimelong Panda Hotel inherits its philosophy of ‘coexist with nature.’ Many animal exhibition halls center around the themed of animal and ecology. Stroll in a secret garden and closely observe sika deer, parrots, peacocks and other animals to experience nature’s marvelous creation.

*The photographs or drawings shown represent impression of the development concerned only.
Panda Store
The Panda Store is a convenient store offering delicate foods, beverages, daily necessities which are safe and of high quality.

Operating hour: 09:00 - 22:00
Happy Panda Shop
It’s inevitable to bring home some fluffy souvenirs from Chimelong as a reminder of the delightful times spent here. The Happy Panda Shop is dedicated to that very purpose. On top of Chimelong’s mascot the Kaka Tiger family, a fun-filled diversity of dolls and other souvenirs are also on offer.

Operating hour: 09:00 - 22:00
VIP Lounge
A comfy resting area designed specifically for VIP guests, the VIP Lounge is adorned with a cartoon-like yet contemporary decor. Capacious windows allow ample sunlight. Guests can shower here and enjoy free, special cocktails in relaxation. At dusk, they can lie down on the ‘capsule’, watching sunset and listening to comforting music. Does such leisure activity serve the purpose of a perfect getaway?

Operating hour: 10:00 - 20:00
Location: 1/F
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