More companionship and more fun,
unprecedented world-class fun experience!
Chimelong Paradise is a mega theme park that offers a host of fun rides, stunt theatre, parades, eco-leisure, specialty restaurants, theme stores and a host of integrated services.

Chimelong Paradise has more than 70 fun rides, most of which are imported directly from Europe. Constructed based on internationally leading designs and technologies, Chimelong Paradise holds eight Asian and world records for fun rides including Dive Coaster, Ten Inversion Roller Coaster, Motorbike Coaster, Young Star Coaster, Half Pipe, Splash Battle, Stunt Shows, Giant Frisbee and 4D Movie Theatre.

The park also presents the Lumberjack Show performed by North American professional lumberjack teams to showcase the prowess of the American cowboy. In addition, there is also “Danger Island 2”, a spectacular stunt performance by Hollywood stars led by famous choreographers under the close supervision of the world’s top stunt directors. It is like putting yourself in a real Hollywood scene. There is also a fun parade performed by 200 elite performers from more than 20 countries.
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