Park Fee


Is the ticket all-inclusive? Is there anything else in the park that is chargeable?

The ticket is valid for all rides. No additional payment is required for individual rides. However, payment must be made for meals and purchases from shops in the park. (Note: Tokens must be purchased separately for token-operated machines in Chimelong Paradise)

Does the park have a luggage storage facility?

The Visitor Centre at Chimelong Paradise Park has a luggage storage facility (which is chargeable). Storage lockers are available for rent.

Plan a Visit


Mode of Transportation

Subway is recommended: Please take Line 3 directly to Hanxi Chimelong Station and take Exit D or Exit E to take the Chimelong shuttle bus service. Apart from the shuttle bus, you may also take a leisure walk along the lush green tree-lined walkway and arrive at the South Gate of Chimelong Paradise in three to five minutes time.

More modes of transportation

Preparation for Visit

As the park is large, women should wear comfortable casual shoes and bring along some sunscreen products. A wide selection of food and cold drinks are available at the park.

For your own safety and that of others, it is not advisable to wear slippers when taking any rides.

Weather Conditions


If it rains, can we still go on the rides? Which rides will be closed?

The operation of rides is determined by the weather condition. Generally, it will not be affected by a light drizzle. However, bad weather like heavy rain or thunderstorms may cause some outdoor rides to be suspended. The rides will resume in stages after the weather improves and after the facilities have passed a safety inspection. Exact details will be announced onsite on the actual day.

Thunderstorm emergency measures

Yellow, Orange and Red Storm Warning:
The park is still open to the public.
However, some outdoor rides and outdoor performances will be suspended.

Note: When outdoor rides are affected by severe weather (e.g. lightning), their operations shall be suspended.

Typhoon emergency measures

White, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red Typhoon Warning:
The park is still open to the public.
However, certain outdoor rides and outdoor performances will be suspended.

Note: When outdoor rides are affected by severe weather (e.g. lightning), their operations need to be suspended.

Precautions While in the Park


Special notes

To ensure public safety and hygiene, the park conducts safety inspections. Dangerous items such as liquids, foods, flammable and explosive materials, contraband goods, chemicals, suitcases and large bags are not allowed in the park.

About park rides and entertainment performances:

Please read the Park Notes before entering the park. Some rides may have height and other physical restrictions. Please note the relevant instructions and safety requirements displayed next to the entrance of the rides before taking the ride. Please choose the rides or performances based on your physical condition.

Rides and performances may be changed or suspended without prior notice.

Visitors must comply with the relevant regulations of the park and understand the rules of each ride before participation. The park shall not be liable for any damages to property or personal injury due to the visitor’s failure to comply with the relevant regulations of the park or any other reasons.

If necessary, the park may prohibit any person who refuses to comply with the regulations or causes distress to other visitors, from entering the park or demand such person to leave the park.

Safety Precautions

Please follow the guidance provided by park staff and pay attention to park or facility announcements and move in an orderly manner. Please take good care of your personal belongings, and take good care of your elderly, children and persons with disability. Please do not play on slopes or jump over railings. Chimelong Paradise reserves the right to refuse entry or demand the person to leave the park if he or she fails to comply with the park regulations, performs dangerous acts, behaves rudely, commits illegal offence or severely affects other visitors.

For safety reasons, please do not lose sight of your children.

Park Itinerary


Park Itinerary

There is a guide map for each park. The visitor may choose the rides according to their operating hours. The park features challenging rides including Dive Coaster, Ten Inversion Roller Coaster, Motorbike Coaster, Giant Frisbee and Half Pipe. It also features family-friendly Young Star Coaster, Splash Battle and magic shows. International stunt show and Hollywood block buster “Crisis Zone” is open; so are North American Lumberjack Show, Kaka Tiger Mobilisation – Illusion of Magic, Alien Attack, Space Elves, Kaka Tiger Greetings, Ukraine Clown Band and exotic photography sessions.

VIP Park Services

  1. Deluxe Star Tour RMB 380/vehicle (excluding park entry ticket)
  2. Premier Star Tour RMB 780/vehicle (excluding park entry ticket)
  3. Diamond Star Tour RMB 1,280/vehicle (excluding park entry ticket)

Click here for more VIP Park Services information

Popular Attractions Express Pass

Full Fare Ticket: RMB 100 / person
(Adult ticket is applicable to: Adults or children above 1.5 metres in height)

Children Ticket: RMB 50 / person
(Definition of children: children between 1.0 to 1.5 metres in height)

Note: (Each full-fare ticket holder of “Popular Attaction Express Pass” can bring in 1 child below 1.0 metre in height for free. Holder of “Popular Attractions Express Pass” can ride each facility only once within the designated service time frame.)

Battery Car

Operation hours:
Monday – Sunday: 12:00 pm to 18:00 pm

Standard fare: RMB 5 /person

North Gate Tiger Street → Whirlwind Island → Happy Kingdom → Water World → South Gate Rainbow Bay Plaza

More Services:

Charge for Stroller:
Deposit of RMB 300, rental of RMB 40 /stroller.
(Note: For use only within the park)

Charge for Wheelchair:
Deposit of RMB 200, rental of RMB 30 /stroller.
(Note: For use only within the park)

Charge for luggage room and locker:
Charge for Small locker: RMB 15 /locker
Charge for Medium locker: RMB 20 /locker
Charge for luggage room: RMB 15 /piece
(Note: Valuables and prohibited items will not be accepted for storage)

Free Services:
Equipment charging service (DV, camera, mobile phone), lost person service, lost and found service, postal service, enquiry on Chimelong Club Membership.

Charge for lock:
Deposit of RMB 50, rental of RMB 20 /lock. (Note: For use only within the park)

Charge for rain curtain:
Deposit of RMB 50, rental of RMB 20 /cover.
(Note: For use only within the park)

Charge for pet cage:
RMB 15 /pet
(Please retrieve your pets before park closure)
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