Park Fee


Do we need to pay admission fees for self-drive vehicles? How much is it?

There are two zones at Chimelong Safari Park: namely pedestrian zone and self-drive zone. The pedestrian zone is mainly for visitors to see animals on foot. The self-drive zone features semi-open trams for visitors to see the animals. If you wish to drive your own vehicle into the self-drive zone, you have to pay an additional fee for the vehicle – RMB 250 /vehicle on normal days and RMB 280 /vehicle on designated dates.

What is a Package? How do I purchase a Package?

A Package comprises a combination of two theme parks. You can purchase a Package directly from the ticket offices at the respective theme parks or book and pay for a Package online at Chimelong’s official website.

Things to note when using a Package.

For Packages involving two theme parks, the visitor may visit two theme parks on two consecutive days, starting on the first day of ticket validity. Each theme park can only be visited once. On the first day of ticket validity when the visitor enters the first theme park, his/her fingerprint will be captured. Thereafter, he/she may enter the second theme park based on his/her fingerprint and ticket.

Trip Planning


Mode of Transportation

You may take the subway: Please take Line 3 directly to Hanxi Changlong station and take Exit D or Exit E to take the Chimelong shuttle bus service. The Chimelong shuttle bus will take you to the entrance (South Gate) of Chimelong Safari Park. The ride will take about 3-5 minutes. It will take a little more than 10 minutes to walk from the station to the park.

Self-drive visitors should purchase self-drive tickets and drive through the self-drive zone. The traffic direction within the park is only one-way. The whole journey takes about one hour by car. You can take a slow, leisurely drive and stop for photographs if you see any animals that catch your attention.

More modes of transportation>>

Preparation for Visit

To prevent unauthorised feeding of the animals by visitors, food items are prohibited in the park. Food is readily available within the park and restaurants are located near major display areas. We recommend set meals like huge chicken drumsticks, ribs, smoked and vegetarian dishes. They should satisfy your appetite. There is also the exotic and rich crocodile soup. It is a must-try for people who have not tried crocodile meat before. Mosquitoes and bugs are inevitable at the ecological park. You may wish to bring some insect repellent or ointment.

Weather Conditions


If it rains, can we still go on the rides? Which are the rides that will be closed?

Generally, light drizzles will not affect the watching of animals. Exact details will be announced onsite on the actual day.

Precautions While in the Park


Can food and beverages be brought into Chimelong Safari Park? Are there any restaurants within the park?

Food and beverages cannot be brought into the park. The park features theme restaurants as well as food kiosks. The park conducts safety checks at the entrance to prohibit entry of foods, combustible items and liquids.

Special notes for self-drive zone

The terrain within the self-drive zone is a quite tortuous. The driver of the self-drive vehicle should have good driving skill. New drivers should pay close attention to the surrounding animals.

Visitors in self-drive vehicles are not allowed to alight from their vehicles. As the animals roam freely in the park, all visitors must strictly remain in their vehicles.

For the health of the animals, feeding of animals in the park is prohibited.

Park Itinerary


Are there luggage storage facilities at Chimelong Safari Park? What are the charges?

The Visitor Centre at Chimelong Safari Park offers luggage storage service (which is chargeable).

Charge for luggage storage:
Small luggage: RMB 20 /day
Large luggage: RMB 30 /day
(Note: Valuables, food and prohibited items will not be accepted for storage)

After completing the self-drive zone, can we visit the walking zone?

Yes. Please park your vehicle at the designated car park, then proceed to the entrance of the walking zone.

Special Notes

Plan your tour route in advance:
You can get the park map online or at the entrance of the park (free)

There two ways to tour the park:
The walking zone:
Walk around the park to see animals at your own pace.

The driven zone:
Going around the park on an enjoyable tram ride, which last about 40 minutes. Most of the activities are centred around the walking zone.

More Services:

Charge for infant stroller:
Deposit of RMB 200, rental of RMB 120 /special day, RMB 100 /regular day.
(Note: For use only within the park)

Charge for wheelchair:
Deposit of RMB 200, rental of RMB 50 /day.
(Note: For use only within the park)
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