A must-see water park
China’s “AAAAA” Grade scenic area

From 2015, Chimelong Water Park will be building 7 new warm water pools with water temperature as high as 35⁰C. ( Hot water is provided seasonally )

Spanning an area of about 450 acres, Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park was jointly designed by two world-renowned Canadian companies – WhiteWater Company and theme park designer Forrec. The water park is not only well-known in China but also all over the world.

  • It was ranked first in the list of “20 Best Water Parks in the World” in 2013 by international theme attraction industry organisations – Themed Association (TEA) and AECOM Economics. From 2014-2016, Chimelong Water Park continues this honor.
  • Appraised by IAAPA as the “Must-See Water Park in the World” for several consecutive years
  • Won the Trip Advisor’s “2013 Annual Tourist Attraction of Choice”
  • In 2013, Chimelong Water Park the total amount of visitors is 2.17 million; in 2014 and 2015, number reached 2.26 million and 2.35 million respectively, and in 2016, the number of admission reached a new high - a total of 2.54 million visitors.

A water park with the most number of facilities in the world

Chimelong Water Park boasts numerous industry-leading “Star” attractions. In the Aloha Village, there is the “Extreme Rivers”, which is the world’s largest artificial torrent. As the world’s largest drift surfing project in terms of capacity, the unmatched 3-metre high waves put “Chimelong on the pedestal of the wave”. Through storage-type spillway and unique curvature design to simulate the impact of flash floods, it can accommodate as many as 3,000 visitors at any one time to experience the extreme realism of the impact of flood waves.

The park also boasts the largest wave pool and the most popular rides like “Tornado” and “Behemoth Bowl”. In addition to various top water rides, the water park also features several rides for children. There are more than 50 family-friendly facilities and close to 1,000 water sprinkles in the Miraculous Aqua Plaza. Kids will have much fun playing on the Family Slide which was specially designed for families.

Wonderful Kids Aqua Plaza: Create wonderful parent-child moments.

This water play season will feature a newly upgraded family-friendly water play zone that houses 7 key facilities including the Wonderful Kids Aqua Plaza and family-friendly heated Jacuzzi pools, family-friendly water slides, family wading pools, centrifugal slide, the Mini Tornado, the Cobralance and Happy Fountain. Together, they provide family-friendly entertainment at Chimelong Water Park.

Water temperature in the family water play zone will be adjusted according to the ambience temperature of the surroundings to keep the water at a temperature suitable for the human body. When necessary, the water temperature can be controlled within 38-40 degrees Celsius to ensure great water play experience.

With the participation of Aquatic Flying Trapeze, the performance will take place on land, in water and in the air.

The Park has selected top aquatic flying trapeze teams from all over the world to perform above the wave pool to show off their skills in close proximity to the visitors. Luminous jerseys, firework effects and pulsating music, specially choreographed to exploit the top-class lighting system and the Maya Audio system, gel perfectly for an unforgettable aquatic flying show.

Ten heated Jacuzzis provide a fufilling and fun experience in water entertainment

In 2015, Chimelong Water Park built 7 new warm water pools with water temperature as high as 35⁰C. Water of temperature suitable for the human body allows visitors to feel the warmth of spring. Besides setting the temperature to 35⁰C, each pool is also installed with new massage features including hydraulic, back and bubble massages. You can get top-class experience by simply resting and relaxing in the spa pool. After a change of clothes, visitors can visit the warm pool for an exquisite “warm-up” or simply get freshened up before proceeding to the restaurants at the Aloha Valley for a meal. The warm pools in the Miraculous Aqua Plaza were designed with both high and low seatings so that both parents and children can have fun in the multi-function warm pool. With water bubbles, water jets and eddy currents, both adults and children can enjoy immense family fun. Savour the serenity of the tree-lined Master Blaster Warm Water Pool. In the High-speed Slider Warm Water Pool, you will have spectacular view of the splashing water emanating from the slide while basking in the warm water; it will certainly cheer you up!

Not to be missed is the Tornado Warm Water Pool, where the park’s most popular ride, the Tornado and wide wave pools, are located. It not only has the best geographical spot, but also the best place to admire the mesmerising waves of the wave pool. It is also the place where you can savour a rich selection of food. The beautifully-shaped Family Ride Warm Water Pool is situated in a quiet environment and is equipped with hydro-massage chairs which are not available in the other water slides. This one-of-a-kind enjoyment must not be missed. The most romantic Sand Beach Moon Warm Water Pool features a moon-shaped crescent. Sit by the pool side and sip a glass of special sweet drink together with your loved ones while admiring the beautiful moon light on the beach. You will get the most cherished romantic memory there!

The one and only Water Park by Night and trend-leading thematic events

Since its advent in 2008, Water Park by Night has been drawing an increasing number of visitors for seven successive years. Having amassed enough experience, Chimelong Water Park will invest in the upgrading of the park by adding a huge stage at the Wave Pool and redesign the lightings for all water rides this year. From hardware facilities to stage performances, we will have an all-new Water Park by Night. Chimelong Water Park has also successfully hosted a number of trend-setting theme events. In the “Chimelong Bikini Contest”, which has been running for several years, a new record was set every year in the number of bikini beauties participating in words and moving arts formation – an event which has attracted wide media attention not only locally but also globally. In addition, Chimelong Water Park popular theme activities "Family Water Fun Carnival", "Surf Music Festival", "Samba Refreshing Carnival", such perfect interaction and amusement is always the imitation target of the competitors in this industry.

Our high standard of operations and high quality water treatment system along with a safe environment allow visitors to enjoy themselves with total peace of mind.

Chimelong Water Park owns the world-leading ozone water treatment system that can combat bacteria such as E. Coli as well as viruses, without causing any harm to human skin. This effectively ensures that the water is safe. Chimelong Water Park also works closely with top international lifeguard training institutes to conduct comprehensive review of its lifeguard team. Our strong, professional and certified lifeguard team was established through steady practices, professional assessments and reinforcements. As such, visitors of all ages are able to enjoy the water play in a safe and comfortable environment.
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