Park Fee


What is a Package? How do I purchase a Package?

A Package comprises a combination of two theme parks. You can purchase a Package directly from the ticket offices at the respective theme parks or book and pay for a Package online at Chimelong’s official website.

Things to note when using a Package

For Packages involving Chimelong International Circus, it will only valid for one day. On the day of ticket validity when the visitor enters the first theme park, his/her fingerprint will be captured. Thereafter, he/she may enter the second theme park based on his/her fingerprint and ticket. Each package is served to one person only, and cannot be shared.

Electronic wallet

The park offers “electronic wallet”, a prepaid wristband that can be used for payment. As such, you do not need to carry cash with you within the park. The waterproof wristband comes with a personal password protection and can be topped up with values (no deposits required) from RMB 100 to 500. The balance will be fully refunded at the prepaid service counter. It is both convenient and safe.

Plan a Visit


Preparation for Visit

Please bring your own swimsuit and swimming trunks. There are shops at the park that offer various brands of fashionable swimwear and water sports equipment. A wide variety of dining options that suit your budget is also available at the park.

Weather Conditions


If it rains, can we still take the rides? Which rides will be closed?

The water park consists mainly of water-based rides. Generally, it will not be affected by light drizzles. However, bad weather like heavy rain or thunderstorms may cause the water plays to be suspended. The rides will resume in stages after the weather condition improves and after the facilities passed a safety inspection. Exact details will be announced onsite on the actual day.

In the event of heavy storms, thunder and lightning, typhoon or other bad weather conditions, the park may suspend or halt all rides at the park without prior notice. Under such circumstances, the park will not accept deferment or refund of purchased tickets.

Thunderstorm emergency measures

Yellow, Orange and Red Storm Warning:
The park is still open to the public. However, some outdoor rides and outdoor performances will be suspended.

Note: When outdoor rides are affected by severe weather conditions (e.g. lightning), their operations will be suspended.

Precautions While in the Park


Admission Requirements:

Persons suffering from hypertension, heart diseases, hepatitis, ringworm rashes, severe trachoma, acute conjunctivitis, otitis media, mental illness, skin diseases, asthma, bone fractures, history of joint dislocation or history of epilepsy; persons with alcohol intoxication; persons identified as medically unfit to participate in intensive exercises or persons identified as medically unfit to participate in the park activities will be prohibited from admission.

Foods, beverages, floats, water guns, dangerous items, life buoy, floating mat, hovercraft, surfing board, selfie stick and other inflatable swimming gears larger than 50cm in diameter are not allowed at the park.

Visitors may bring their own swimwear, towels and bathrobes (they are also available for sale at the park).

Safety Precautions

Before participating in any rides, please remove wrist watches, glasses, bracelets, necklaces, rings, hair clips and other ornaments and store them properly to prevent loss, damage or endangering the safety of others or cause damage to the facilities.

For safety and hygiene reasons, all visitors should put on swimwear before entering any water play facilities.

All visitors must comply with the requirements of each ride when participating in the rides.

Children and elderly visitors can participate in the rides only if their physical conditions permit and only when accompanied by an adult with the ability to supervise.

For safety reasons, please do not lose sight of your children.

Notes for Lost Person

The water park spans a very large area. Please do make prior arrangement for your group to meet at a certain location and time. This will ensure that you do not miss any opportunity to enjoy the park facilities.

Since 2013, new electronic boards have been set up in various strategic locations at the park to make announcements on lost persons and enable efficient tracking. Visitors can approach the customer service centre or enquiry stations at the park to register and fill out a lost person form. The database will be automatically updated and an announcement will be made.

Locations of electronic boards: Behemoth Bowl Entrance, Boomerango Kodak Shop, Main Entrance Plaza, Miraculous Aqua Plaza, Rain Fortress Restaurant, Tube Renting Area C, Sand Beach Customer Service Center, East VIP Entrance.


Notes for Swimmers

According to National Regulations for Safe Recreational Water Environments, visitors please pay attention:
  1. All park facilities have minimum height and weight requirements which are posted at each ride entrance. Height & Weight restrictions apply to many of the rides in the park:
    • minimum height: 140cm
    • maximum height: 190cm
    • maximum weight: 100kg
  2. Admission to the Water Park shall be refused to all persons having infectious skin conditions.
  3. Appropriate swimwear is required & determined by management.
  4. Some facilites require child whose heights are 140cm or below to weigh at least 35kg.

The above notice are special tips for visitors, please read the park notice for more details. Tickets are non-refundable.

Park Itinerary


Does the park have luggage storage services?

Luggage storage area at the park offers luggage storage service (which is chargeable).

Charge for luggage storage:
Small luggage: RMB 20 /day
Large luggage: RMB 30 /day
(Note: Valuables, food and prohibited items will not be accepted for storage)

Are there any restaurants at the water park?

You can choose from the following restaurants at the park:
Global Cuisine: European and Hong Kong cuisines
Waves Restaurant: Western fast food and burger set meals
Family Restaurant: Family set meals, Ala carte hot dishes
Treehouse Restaurant: Exotic Southeast Asian fast foods
Tornado Delights: Chinese fast food, Hong Kong style noodles.

More Services:

Charge for infant stroller:
Deposit of RMB 200, rental of RMB 120 /special day, RMB 100 /regular day.
(Note: For use only within the park)

Charge for wheelchair:
Deposit of RMB 200, rental of RMB 50 /day.
(Note: For use only within the park)
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