The water park features a water sport merchandise retail centre and a thematic souvenir shop. If you forget to bring your sunscreen or if you would like to get a special souvenir to mark your wonderful times, our shops will be able to meet all your needs. You can enjoy the pleasures of shopping at Shuizhijiyi Retail Shop, Shuipiaopiao shop, Shuilinglong Thematic Souvenir Shop or the many shopping kiosks located within the park. The water park also provides towel and bathrobe rental services, as well as an array of beautiful theme souvenirs. You can also have photographs of yourself, your families and friends taken as a token of your precious memories, by professional photography company Kodak.

Women’s swimwear

Amusement water gun


Enrich your experience with delectable food

The park features several restaurants, all of which offers a wide range of dining options. Be it a small group gathering, or a family fun party, the restaurants will be able to satisfy your needs. With exotic cuisines from all over Asia, you will find yourself spoilt for choice in an international food arena as soon as you enter the park. We are committed to serving you.

Samba Passion


Samba Passion

Tornado Delights

Samba Passion

Boomerango Flavours

Samba Passion

Waves Cafe

Samba Passion

Rain Fortress

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