Penguin Pavilion
Located between the Emperor Penguin All Day Dining and the Food Street, the Penguin Pavilion (with an area of 500 square meters) provides a close-to-natural habitat, divided into Temperate and Frigid Zones, for the penguins, allowing visitors to experience an intimate encounter with rare penguin species. Come and visit around a hundred Emperor penguins, Gentoo penguins and Humboldt penguins in our Penguin Pavilion!
Penguin Ice Palace Theater
Designed by Sally Corporation of Jacksonville from the U.S., the musical play Penguins on Parade is about a story of 16 penguins planning to travel around the world. The play is performed on a fanciful stage in the Emperor Penguin All Day Dining restaurant, entertaining guests of all ages.

“Penguins on Parade” Schedule:
Breakfast: 08:30、09:30 (25 mins per scene)
Lunch: 12:30、13:30 (25 mins per scene)
Dinner: 18:30、19:30 (25 mins per scene)
Musical Fountain Show
Located on the 1st floor, Fountain Square Restaurant provides Guangdong food, barbeque and Cantonese dim sum. Guests will be entertained by our three large musical fountain show while enjoying the local specialties.

Fountain performance time*:

*Remarks of Show duration:
1. Daily 09:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 / 21:00 fountain performance duration lasts for 15 minutes;
2. Daily 20:00 fountain performance duration is fixed for 30 minutes;
3. Any adjustment will be based on the on-site performance time.
Penguin Fun Fun Street
You can buy souvenirs, travel and leisure products at the Penguin Fun Fun Street, which is on the ground floor and the east and west sides of the lobby. The spacious shopping area with 4,500 square meters in total gives you a chance to relax and recharge in-between stores.
Foot Massage
Located on the first floor underground, the Foot Massage Center has 16 private foot massage rooms, giving you the ultimate relaxation experience. You will be rejuvenated when you undergo our foot care treatments. Our professional therapists will make your feet looking and feeling great in no time.
Fitness Center
The Fitness Center on the 2nd floor features an awesome view of the Ocean Kingdom theme park. Latest gym equipment of Life Fitness, a leading American brand, is available for sports and fitness lovers who want to maintain healthy lifestyle. Amenities such as lockers, towels and bottled water are provided.

Children under 16 are Not Allowed entered the Fitness Center.
Kids Driving School
Funny and interesting driving circuit, bright and colorful little cars, multiple driving modes and joyful music are all the elements that give your children endless fun at the Kids Driving School, which is situated in the Fountain Square Restaurant.
Amenities for Kids
We provide a wide range of amenities for your kids, such as junior bed, slippers, tooth brush and interesting books in the guest room; specially-designed eating utensils and menu at theme restaurants; and fun activities such as birthday party. We believe this is a part of making your family vacation enjoyable and memorable.
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