International Circus City
The International Circus City is located within Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort in Hengqin, Zhuhai. It is adjacent to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in the east and connected to Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel in the West. It is a top international circus stadium specially designed to host China’s International Circus Festival. As a core structure of Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort, it has become a major tourist attraction. A perfect integration of performing arts and leisure tourism culture, it lets visitors fully relax in the natural seascape while appreciating the best line-up of spectacular circus performances.

More than 150 artists from over 20 countries gather together every day at the circus city to present you with a spectacular circus show.


This is a mysterious place, a fantasy land, a world full of magnificently wonderful experience. The mysterious world is opening its doors, slowly and gradually…
In this mysterious world, the atmosphere is filled with freedom and pride of glory as valiant horses gallop freely like shining meteors, depicting a thrilling yet romantic story – a story filled with the truth of love and courage. It is a never-ending journey into the mysterious, a never-ending exploration of new fantasies. Such wonders are waiting to be unveiled slowly by curious, courageous and passionate explorers.
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