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Ticketing Enquiry

All theme parks operate independently. Click here to check ticket prices.

How to purchase tickets?

You may purchase Chimelong tickets in the following ways:
1. Book on official website: Book tickets and pay online at Chimelong’s Official website;
2. On-site purchase: Purchase tickets directly at the park’s ticket office on the day of your trip;
3. Book through travel agents: Book your tickets through authorized travel agents.

Generally, you would be able to purchase tickets on-site (However, we recommend that you book your tickets through Chimelong’s Official website during the golden week holidays)

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Validity of general admission tickets

Tickets purchased on-site at the park’s entrance are generally valid for the day of purchase. Tickets for a particular date can be purchased from Chimelong’s Official website. Tickets sold are not refundable.

Group Discount

A group must consist of at least 15 adults. Corporate bookings should be made with the sales department at least one day in advance. Please contact our sales department directly for ticket pricing and booking process. Tel.: +86 84780333 Ext Sales Department



What is Package?

Package can be used for admission to two theme parks.

Package that involve Chimelong International Circus must be utilized on the same day. Such Package allow visitors of a theme park to enter and watch Chimelong International Circus on the same day.
[The visitor will be tagged with a wrist band when entering the theme park. Thereafter, the visitor may enter the circus by presenting both his/her wrist band (wrist band that has been removed from the wrist is invalid) along with the ticket.]

For Package involving two theme parks, the visitor may visit two theme parks on two consecutive days, starting on the first day of the ticket validity date. Each theme park can only be visited once. On the first day of the ticket validity date, when the visitor enters the first theme park, his/her fingerprint will be captured. Thereafter, he/she may enter the second theme park based on his/her fingerprint along with the ticket.

General Pass Ticket



Each General Pass ticket is valid for one visit to any one of the four theme parks (Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Water Park, Chimelong Safari Park and Chimelong Birds Park).

Validity Date

General Pass ticket is valid for the dates printed on the ticket. To purchase, please contact the parks’ ticketing office.

Online Booking


Change of Dates or Refund

Tickets once sold are not refundable. If you book your tickets on Chimelong’s Official website and you have not printed or received the tickets, you are allowed, prior to the date of visit, to change the date only once within 30 days on the official website’s ticketing system (Change of dates across season is not allowed for Water Park). If you purchase your tickets through other means, please contact the relevant organization or website directly.

Chimelong’s Official Website Ticket Delivery Modes

There are three modes of ticket delivery for tickets purchased on Chimelong’s official website:
1. Collect your tickets from the ticketing machine or ticketing window by presenting the SMS Voucher Code;
2. Print the tickets online (repeat printing is allowed. Please retain your tickets; validity will be based on the ticket of admission to the first theme park);
3. Obtain the tickets from the ticketing machine using 2nd Generation IDs;

Online booking requires advanced payment via online banking. Tickets once sold are not refundable or exchangeable. Please pay close attention on the booking process.
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